Albury Hotels For the Business Traveler Looking For Accommodation in Albury

Standard hotel features

With standard amenities like spacious private rooms, air conditioning and heating, mini bar and refrigerator, cable TV, ironing and laundry services, Internet access and fax services, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your office behind. Highly efficient and professional hotel staffs are on hand to assist you and ensure that your stay is comfortable and productive. Most Albury hotels are strategically located at the heart of the bustling city, within a few minutes from the Library Museum, Convention Centre, art galleries, shopping centre and a variety of cafes and specialty restaurants where you can schedule business meetings.

Albury community

Discover why Albury almost became Australia’s capital. This former agricultural region is located at the heart of the Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide triangle, making it easy for businessmen and investors from these cities to travel to and from Albury.

Albury’s economy is bustling with activity dominated by enterprises from various industries including manufacturing, construction, retail, health, business services and education. Major companies like Kimberly-Clark Australia and Telstra Countrywide have set up shop in Albury while a number of government agencies can also be found in the area including the Australian Tax Office. With less than a hundred thousand as its population, Albury has a good mixture of cultures including German, Dutch, Italian and Greek.

What to do in Albury

It’s easy to mix business with pleasure in Albury. After your last business meeting is over, there’s still enough time to:

• enjoy the clean fresh air by the lakeshore,
• take a leisurely stroll in the beautiful Botanic Gardens,
• admire the man-made lake Hume,
• view the exhibit showing at the Library Museum or
• drive to the wineries nearby for a taste of the award-winning reds and whites of such names as

Brown Brothers and All Saints Estate. En route to the wine regions are gourmet restaurants and cottage industries which produce specialty foods like cheeses, mustards, nuts and preserves.

The art of hospitality is a dying art and we’re bringing it back here at the Albury Hotel with a personal touch.